Share Your Story

March 13, 2009

When we started talking about marriage equality, we were saddened to find that many of our friends and neighbors in northern Aroostook County were shy about sharing their own stories and beliefs publicly. We grew up in small towns (Kate right here in New Sweden), and we felt that this fear did not represent the Maine that we knew and loved.

We started “The M word” to offer a safe space for everyone who supports marriage equality to share YOUR story – no matter who you are, where you live, what your sexuality or marital status is, or how comfortable you are being “out” about your opinions and experiences. This is your place to say why marriage equality matters to you, and why marriage equality matters to Maine.

Please note that this site is not intended as political propaganda or a debate on same-sex marriage, but as a place for neighbors to share their stories. The site will be moderated, and we ask that you post your positive story of “Why marriage equality matters to ME” below under the comments section. You can post with your full name, your initials, anonymously, or any way at all — please include your town in your comment, so others can see that marriage equality has supporters all across Maine.

Click on the “Comments” link to share your story. While you’re there, you can read our story and personal stories from other marriage equality supporters. Enjoy!